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Swale Neighbourhood Watch for Newington

Dear Neighbour  
The following police advice notices have been received.


Bogus Callers
his is a general warning message regarding "BOGUS CALLERS". In particular Water Board Officials.   Please check their ID cards thoroughly, check if they have a vehicle with a Water Board name / Logo on it. DO NOT LET THEM IN, keep the door shut.  If they purport to be from Mid Kent water phone 0845 603 2603.  Southern Water phone 0845 278 0845 to check if they are genuine before allowing access to your property.  If in doubt keep them out and phone the police on 01795 477 055

Swale car thefts
There has been an increase in the number of vehicle being stolen over night,  from driveways and out side people’s homes. Please be extra vigilant when  leaving your car. Ensure you remove all valuables from sight. Including Satellite navigation systems & mobile phone holders. Check all doors including the boot are locked. If you have a security system ensure it is activated. 
If you see anyone acting suspiciously by day or night please inform the police on 01795 477 055 or nhw freephone on 0808 100 3308

Out building burglaries
Between 6pm on the 15th and 4.30am on the 17th November. an out building in the rear garden of a dwelling in London Road, Newington, was broken into and various items of equipment stolen.  Also Between 4pm on the 16th and 10.30am on the 18th November, another dwelling in London Road, Newington had a shed in the rear garden broken into and garden equipment stolen.  There has been an increase in breakin’s of sheds, tools and garden equipment being stolen.  These can be alarmed for as cheap as £6. Obtainable from the NhW office. Sittingbourne police station.  Any information regarding the above two incidents to the police on 01795 477055 or the NhW office on freephone 0808 100 3308

Following crime reduction meetings one of the main issues raised was that the police are starting to record burglary dwelling offences where the occupants are at work and did not come home until after dark, also they had not left lights on, so it was obvious that they were not at home.
The situation will get worse with the clocks changing so please leave a light on or on a timer to deter this type of crime.

Parcel Delivery
Trading Standards have been made aware: Consumers may receive a card posted through their door or an E-Mail from a trader called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service. The card or E-Mail suggests that the sender was unable to deliver a parcel and that they need to be contacted on 0906 6611911.  This is a premium rate number charged at a minimum of £1.50 per minute.  Consumers are advised NOT to call.  This business based in Belize, is under investigation by ICSTIS.  Further information can be found by visiting: www.icstis.org.uk. For information on your consumer rights, please call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

in order to reduce the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour over the Halloween period and as part of the force wide initiative Operation
Halloween message. Your help is requested to identify premises that are selling fireworks to underage persons (Under 18) or who are selling prohibited fireworks. Your support would be very much appreciated. Please phone the NhW office on freephone 0808 100 3308

Car Theft
Between 5.14pm on the 11th and 8.15am on the 12th October, a purple Vauxall Corsa saloon parked in Church Lane, Newington, had the drivers door levered open and a Panasonic car radio/CD player stolen.  Any information to the police on 01795 477055 or the NhW office on freephone 0808 100 3308.

Phishing (Scam emails)
I recently received an email apparently from Barclays Bank (logo, corporate style and layout all very convincing) asking me to confirm my banking details this was obviously bogus as I do not have an account with them and no bank will ever ask you to confirm details by email or letter.

Garden Sheds
It has been reported that a number of garden sheds have been broken into and items stolen, some were insecure but none alarmed in any way.  Please make sure your sheds / garages are left secure and alarmed, if not via the house alarm then battery operated alarms are available from the NhW office at £6 each.

Satellite navigation
The Mid Kent (Swale) Crime Reduction team are sending out a warning regarding the stealing of Vehicle Navigation Systems from vehicles, giving some points to deter those from stealing yours.
Remove if at all possible, mark with ultra violet pens with your post code & house number, vehicle registration number, lock all doors and windows not forgetting your sun roof, never leave your keys in the ignition even whilst paying for petrol etc. use car parks which are part of the police-approved Safer Parking Scheme which display the official ‘Park Mark’ sign.

Car Jacking
It has come to our notice that a new type of car jacking could be coming our way.  You unlock your car start the engine and shift or put into REVERSE, and look into your rear – view mirror to back out of your parking place and notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window.  So, you shift the gear lever back into park or neutral, get out of the car to remove the paper.  When you reach the back of your car the car jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off!!!  Your car engine is usually running.  This started in Scotland and is now being used in Manchester and London.

Throughout the year people running allotments work hard to grow vegetables and enjoy the countryside environment. However recently their enjoyment had been spoilt by vandals who have targeted allotments in Sittingbourne and Sheppey.

In a recent incident £100 worth of damage was caused to a greenhouse when it was smashed. The crime occurred between 6pm on Monday (15 May) and 11am on Tuesday (16 May) in Medway Road, Sheerness. Another case saw £20 worth of damage caused to a garden shed when it was tipped upside down. This happened in Riddles Road, Sittingbourne.

In a bid to catch those responsible police are stepping up patrols around the sites. To support their actions Crime Reduction Officer Julie Argent is promoting steps that people can take to reduce the chances of being targeted by a vandal, she said:

“Vigilance is key to curbing this problem, so I would advise people to keep a diary of any irregular events which includes descriptions of people loitering in the area. Ideally you should report anything suspicious to the police at the time you see it happening. It may also be useful to chat with local residents and businesses as, if they are aware of what is going on, they can keep an eye on the area.

“I recommend that potential tools and weapons are not left lying around but are locked away securely or even taken offsite. It is important that all items are security marked with your postcode. Record the make, model and serial number of your valuable items and even photograph them.  Marked property is less likely to be stolen, as it is more difficult to sell on. If the police recover marked property, it can easily be returned to its rightful owner.

“There are simple shed alarms readily available on the market, which will emit a loud shrill audible sound should they be activated which might deter or even annoy a potential thief.  I appreciate that some of the plots are isolated but some are in view and earshot of local residents.”

Neighbourhood Watch sells these alarms at £6 each. Free phone 0808 100 3308 if you would like further information.

Graham Dudley

contact Georgina Springall – Village Warden – 07969 583921

Link to Kent Police site