Pond Farm

The planning application by Gladman Developments Ltd to demolish historic farm buildings and to replace them and the orchards with 330 new homes.

The farm is officially graded ‘best and most versatile agricultural land’ and is working fruit orchards.


Blackcurrant harvest at Pond Farm August 2015

What’s happening…

  • Autumn 2014 The Village was first notified of Gladman’s intentions (their own ‘Public Consultation’)
  • February 2015 The formal planning application was ‘validated’ and official public consultation began
  • March 2015 An Extraordinary Meeting of the Newington Parish Council was held, attended by County, Borough and Parish Councillors and 130 villagers.
  • 87 letters of objection from residents were placed on the official planning website (there were no letters of support)
  • Gladman also placed similar applications to the West of Sittingbourne and in Rainham (and many others across the country)
  • August 2015 Swale Borough Council Planning Committee formally reject the Application
  • Meanwhile Gladman have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate
  • There will be a Planning Inquiry (end 2015 or early 2016)  Gladman are appealing on grounds on ‘non-determination’ (they insisted on official deadlines which Swale BC felt unrealistic and found unworkable)

What can Residents do?…

  • If you sent in comments to Swale Borough Council or to their official midkent planning website you should have received a letter inviting you to contact the Planning Inspectorate (‘to add to, modify or withdraw your previous representation’).
  • If you did not send a response in February/March and wish to do so, you can contact the Planning Inspectorate now
  • email Planning Inspectorate:   robert.cook@pins.gsi.gov.uk  (NB this is the correct email address)
  • Write to Planning Inspectorate:  3/26 Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN
  • The deadline is 1 October- due to an administrative error (not by Newington Parish Council) the deadline for submissions has now been revised.

How can I find out more?

You can see all the documents so far on the Swale BC planning website by clicking here.  There are 286 documents for the residential development and 100 documents for the demolition of the farm buildings

From now on you need to look at the Planning Inspectorate website here

 How can I keep up-to-date?

Keep an eye on the Parish Council website for latest information.

You can read all the main documents (Swale Borough Council Planning Committee Report; Newington Parish Council initial response and the response to the Planning Inspectorate).

 The Parish Council will endeavour to update this with timely information on the Planning Inquiry and any new developments.

As requested, there is a summary of the main points made in comments to the Application and to the Inquiry.  You may find these helpful in writing any response to the Inspectorate.

The Parish Council's response to the Planning Inspectorate is also on the website.

If you have any new comments you think should be added, please email these to the Parish Clerk, Wendy Licence:  clerk.npc@gmail.com

If you have any digital photographs of Pond Farm as a working farm  (some documents suggest it is ‘redundant’) please email these to the Clerk.

Remember, 1 October is the deadline for responses to the Planning Inspectorate