Application: 15/510595/OUT Land off London Road, Newington, Kent
PROPOSAL: Outline application with access matters reserved for residential development of up to 140 dwellings plus 60 units of Extra Care (including a minimum of 30% Affordable), an allocated 1/4 acre of serviced land for potential doctors surgery, demolition of farm outbuildings, planting and landscaping, informal open space, children's play area, surface water attenuation, a vehicular access point from London Road and associated ancillary works. (Resubmission of 15/500671/OUT)


This is a resubmission of Gladman’s application but with fewer houses. 
The previous application is still going to Planning Inquiry on 21 June.  Any comments on the original application WILL NOT be carried forward to the new application. 
Residents need to look at the new plans and make their comments to Swale Borough Council as this will be dealt with as a fresh application.
Gladmans have agreed to an extension of time to 8 April for this application to b e determined.